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Number Title
2.01 Employees' Professional Affairs
2.011 Recognition of Principals' Association
2.012 Recognition of School Assistant Principals' Association
2.013 Recognition of Staff Association
2.02 Recognition of Labor Organizations
2.03 Protection of Employees, Students and Property
2.031 Comprehensive Safety Inspections
2.035 Wellness Promotion
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2.036 Breach of Personal Identification Information
2.037 Protected Health Information Privacy Policy
2.04 Public Information
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2.041 Public Records
2.05 (Repealed) Press Present at Board Meetings
2.06 School Visitation
2.08 (Repealed; See 1.09) Advisory Committees to the Board
2.09 School Advisory Councils
2.10 (Repealed) Procedure for Making Presentation to Board
2.11 (Repealed) Qualifications for Certain Instructional Personnel
2.12 Businesses Near Schools
2.121 Student Activities in the Schools
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2.122 Religious Freedom
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2.13 Advertising in Schools or on School Property
2.131 Student Distribution/Posting of Literature and Materials
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2.14 Sales Calls and Demonstrations
2.142 Research in Palm Beach County Schools
2.15 (Repealed) Solicitation of Funds in Schools
2.16 Fund-Raising Activities Relating to Schools
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2.161 Expenditure of Proceeds from District-Level Fund-Raising
2.162 Joint Funding, General
2.17 Athletic, Band and Choir Agreements with Non-School Entities
2.18 (Repealed) Safe Operation of School District Buses
2.20 (Repealed) Charges for Use of School Facilities
2.21 School Requests of Payment from Students
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2.23 Student Transportation
2.24 School Bus and Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Idling Reduction Policy
2.26 Bus Scheduling, Routing, Stops and Storage
2.27 (Repealed) Bus Storage
2.28 School District Owned Vehicles
2.29 Maintenance and Repair of Automotive Equipment
2.291 Acquisition and Replacement of Vehicles
2.30 (Repealed) Acquisition of Vehicles Subject to Prior Approval by the School Transportation Department
2.31 Driver Education Vehicles
2.32 (Repealed) Personal Business on School Time
2.34 Records and Reports
2.341 Reports and Forms Authorization
2.35 School Calendar
2.36 Length of School Days
2.37 Summer School
2.38 Crisis Response Planning for All-Hazards Events
2.381 Emergency Evacuation Drills
2.3815 Emergency Closures
2.382 Safety Awareness and Safety Committees
2.383 Firearms and Weapons
2.39 Retirement, Expression of Appreciation
2.40 Field Trips
2.404 Use of School Buses for Field Trips and Other Purposes
2.50 Third Party Use of Technology
2.501 Information Security - Access Control Policy
2.502 Terms of Use: Wireless and Website Access
2.51 (Repealed 5/24/04) Contracts for Professional and Technical Consultative Services
2.52 The Education Network
2.53 Volunteers in Public Schools
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2.54 One-Stop Film Permitting
2.55 Fund Balance for Contingency
2.56 (Repealed) Number of Charter Schools
2.57 Charter Schools
2.59 Political Activities on School Board Property
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2.591 Calls to Action
2.62 Audit Recommendations and Follow-Up
2.63 Superintendent's Efficiency & Effectiveness Awards

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