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Number Title
7.01 Acquisition of Land for School Use
7.011 Land Records Management
7.012 Land and Facility Interim Property Management
7.02 Educational Facilities Specifications
7.03 Naming of School District Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School District Facilities or Grounds
7.04 Ceremonies for New Schools and Ancillary Facilities
7.041 Dedicatory Plaques in New Schools
7.05 Consultant Fees (Construction)
7.051 Architects or Engineers, Appointment Of
7.06 Professional Liability Insurance for Architects and Engineers
7.065 Errors and Omissions of Construction-Related Professionals
7.07 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
7.08 Prequalification of Contractors
7.081 Non-Discrimination Statement
7.09 Information on Utilities Required of Architects on Additions or New School Plants
7.10 Construction Bid Procedures
7.11 Liquidated Damages
7.12 Disposal of School Board Land and Tangible Property
7.125 Use of the Castaldi Analysis for Facilities
7.13 Level of Service
7.131 Coordinated Planning
7.132 Five-Year Plan and Capital Budget; Annual Update, Amendment and Adoption
7.133 Implementation of School Concurrency
7.134 Encouraging Large Schools to Subdivide Into Schools-Within-a-School
7.135 Program Capacity
7.136 Maximum Cost Per Student Station
7.137 Allocation and Reallocation of Relocatable Classrooms
7.14 Installation of Telephones
7.15 Fencing on School Premises
7.151 Business Partnership Recognition - Fence Screens
7.16 Street Improvements
7.17 General Parking Policies and Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures for Students at Schools
7.172 Granting Easements and Licenses
7.18 Community Use of School Facilities
7.185 Community Use of School Board Swimming Pool Facilities
7.19 Tobacco Free Environment
7.195 Indoor Air Quality
7.196 Energy and Water Use Conservation
7.1965 Energy Conservation Incentive Program
7.197 Waste Reduction, Materials Reuse, and Recycling Policy
7.20 Vandalism and Damage to School Property
7.21 Building Code
7.22 Construction Change Orders
7.225 Use of Contingency Funds for Construction Projects
7.23 Retainage Withheld on Construction Contracts
7.24 Animals on District Property
7.25 Historic Designation of School Board Facilities
7.26 Facilities or Grounds Modifications Funded by Internal Accounts or Donations

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