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Rules of the School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida
Title 6Gx50
Chapter 5. Pupil Personnel

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Policy 5.1812Student Code of Conduct for Elementary Students

 1. Purpose

 The purpose of this policy is to support student discipline that:

 a. Provides a philosophy of discipline that will guide staff and students in promoting good behavior in an environment that is conducive to effective and efficient learning;

b. Maintains safe and orderly learning communities;

c. Assures consistency across all schools in the District;

d. Defines and communicates expectations for student behavior;

e. Defines and communicates expectations for staff responsibility related to student discipline;

f. Ensures that our students and staff are protected against disruptive behavior and encouraged to participate in the pursuit of higher social standards for behavior and respect for others; and

g. Assures equity across cultural groups.

 2. Policy Statement

 The School Board of Palm Beach County (Board) is committed to providing a safe learning environment with a positive climate that supports academic achievement and promotes fairness, civility, acceptance of diversity and mutual respect. The Board further believes that disciplinary consequences should be designed to change inappropriate behavior, encourage responsible actions, and promote the development of self-discipline, as District schools should be communities in which positive behavior is expected and modeled. To meet these objectives, the Student Conduct Code for Elementary Students has been developed to assist students, parents, guardians, administrators and school personnel in maintaining a safe and supportive environment.

3. Student Code of Conduct for Elementary Students

 The Student Code of Conduct for Elementary Students is attached and incorporated herein by reference as part of this Policy and can be found on the District's Safety, and Learning Environment website. Any referenced forms and documents are incorporated herein by reference as part of this Policy and can be found on the District's website.

 STATUTORY AUTHORITY:             Fla. Stat. §§ 1001.41(2); 1001.42(22); 1001.43(1); 1006.07

 LAWS IMPLEMENTED:                    Fla. Stat. §§ 1001.43(1); 1003.31(1),(3); 1006.07; 1006.09; 1006.13(4)

 HISTORY:                                            05/16/01; 1/13/03; 9/19/12; 08/07/13; 08/27/14; 12/10/14