Rules of the School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida
Title 6Gx50
Chapter 7. Facilities and Operations

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Policy 7.26Facilities or Grounds Modifications Funded by Internal Accounts or Donations

  1. Scope and Definitions.

    This Policy applies only to modifications to School District facilities or grounds, funded by internal accounts and/or donations and does not apply to modifications funded by District capital or operating funds. Additionally, this Policy does not apply to the fence screens at schools which are governed by Policy 7.151, Business Partnership Recognition - Fence Screens. The application of this Policy includes this District's educational plant and ancillary plant as defined in Fla. Stat. 1013.01 (1) & (7). When these terms are used in this Policy, "principal" refers to the head of an educational plant, and "department head" refers to the head of an ancillary plant. Adoption of this Policy is not intended to eliminate or alter any current requirement for School Board approval of construction contracts.

  2. Approval Required

    No buildings or other fixed property of the School Board may be materially altered or removed, and no additional structure may be erected on school property, without the prior written approval of the Superintendent/designee.

    1. Approval is required for any facility modification, including changes to buildings or grounds such as, but not limited to: structural changes; moving or building walls; adding or replacing flooring or ceilings; building temporary or permanent structures whether or not they are affixed to the facility or ground; construction of fitness trails and gardens; installation of fitness equipment or JROTC training structures; construction or installation of permanent signs; modifications that affect the air conditioning, ventilation, electrical or plumbing systems; attaching an apparatus to, or making significant holes in the walls, ceilings, floors, parking lots, walkways or other constructed surfaces; digging holes greater than six (6) inches deep on the grounds; adding significant dead or live loads to buildings; disturbing or altering environmentally sensitive areas; interior or exterior painting or changing the use of a space on an extended basis (e.g. changing an office into a classroom).

    2. Approval will be based on the following factors: risk management and safety review; compliance with the building code under Policy 7.21 and the State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF), Vol. 1 and applicable Florida Building Code sections such as chapter 423; initial and recurring costs to the District School System; and the effect on the current and future functionality of the facility.

    3. Schools may, with the approval of the Superintendent/designee, perform renovations and/ or remodeling or erect buildings or other structures on campus that they deem necessary for their programs utilizing non-District funds; however, all work shall be designed and completed in strict conformance with Florida Statutes and other applicable factors cited in subsection (2)(b) above. The School must have its plans approved by the District's Building Department prior to commencement of construction. The District must approve, deny or provide comments on what changes are needed for approval of the plans within thirty (30) business days after submittal by the School. A building permit, if applicable, or other approval must be issued by the District prior to the commencement of construction and construction inspections shall be performed by the District. No facility constructed by the School may be occupied until either a certificate of completion or an occupancy permit is issued by the District.

  3. Approval Process

    1. Principals'/Department Heads' Proposals. Requests for any change or modification to a School Board facility (such as, but not limited to, capital improvement projects, remodeling or renovation of facilities, or site improvement) by the School principal/department head shall be submitted to the appropriate Area Superintendent or designee and shall be coordinated with, and have the approval of, the Director of Facilities Services and the Superintendent/designee.

    2. Requests from Others Besides the Principal/Department Head. Any individual or group desiring to modify a School Board facility (such as by adding, remodeling, or renovating facilities or purchasing or installing equipment that requires additional modified utility connections such as for water, sewer, or electric) must submit a written proposal through the principal/department head and appropriate Area Superintendent/designee to the Director of Facility Services, who shall coordinate the review and responses by other departments as necessary, and shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws; and approval of the Superintendent/designee shall be required.

    3. Proposed Donations. Facility or ground improvements that an individual, group or organization desires to donate to a school/department may be accepted if the proposed improvements will contribute to the operation of the school/department program and considering any additional costs as set forth in Section (4) below and any foreseeable liability to the School Board. All such facility or ground improvement requests must be submitted in writing through the principal and appropriate Area Superintendent/designee to the Director of Facility Services, who shall coordinate the review and responses by other departments as necessary, and shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Approval of the Superintendent/designee shall be required prior to acceptance and/or installation. Donors shall be notified that the title to the gift shall be in the name of The School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida. Any persons volunteering to perform, or assist with, such installations or modifications shall be properly qualified to perform the work and shall sign a liability release form, obtained from Risk and Benefits Management and approved by the Office of General Counsel to the School Board, prior to such participation in addition to meeting the applicable requirements of Policy 5.23, Volunteers in Public Schools.

  4. Financing

    All proposals under this Policy to obtain approval for modifications shall include a description of the method of financing the changes. A written estimate of the yearly fiscal impact of the enhancements, i. e. utility costs, special maintenance or additional inspections shall also be submitted with the proposal. No such project shall require any supplemental funding by the School Board for any purpose, although the School Board has the discretion to contribute funds towards the modifications, engineering, design or recurring expenses provided there is a distinct benefit to the students and the contribution does not create inequities between schools.

  5. Property of the Board

    Any improvement or addition under this Policy shall become the property of the School Board, unless agreed otherwise in writing by the Superintendent/designee as to a temporary improvement or addition. Improvements and structures constructed or installed under this Policy may be removed, razed or closed down at any time in the future if they are determined by the School Board's Building Department or Risk and Benefits Management to be unsafe or to pose an unacceptable risk to the students, faculty, staff or school community.

  6. Compliance

    Award of contracts, or purchases made for the purpose of modifying a School Board facility that are funded by internal accounts and through donations of funds by an individual, group or organization must be in compliance with federal laws, Florida Statutes, the State Requirements for Educational Facilities, and all School Board Policies including, but not limited to School Board Policies 6.14, and 7.10.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY:Fla. Stat. 1001.41(2); 1001.42(15); 1001.43(4)
LAWS IMPLEMENTED:Fla. Stat. 1001.42(11); 1001.43(4), 1001.51(410)
HISTORY:7/13/2005; 7/25/2012